Summer health care – Top best healthiest foods to keep you cool

Summer is both hot and humid. This is the reason it is important that you eat foods that would keep you cool from within. Summer is the time when you can enjoy cold beers, frozen desserts and you prefer to sit by the pool. It is the question of combating the heat. This is the season when you should take in the cooling foods and this helps in the perfect clearing of the body toxins. In fact, the foods that you eat in summer should be able to keep you perfect and energetic all the way down. The foods should be perfect in helping you maintain the body vitality.

It is Best Munching Cucumbers in summer

Cucumber is the right food for the summer. Cucumber is extremely hydrating and this is the reason cucumber is best to have the same during the summer months when you need to keep the interior to stay cool and hydrated. You can take slices of cucumber as snacks along with hummus. You can even have a green juice with lots of cucumbers and lemons. This is the perfect way to stay cool and hydrated. Cucumber is the fruit that helps you to have lots of health benefits and at the same time it can kill your appetite and make you feel full.

Mangoes Densely Available Fruit Only in Summer to Protect from Heat Strokes

Mangoes are best during summer to keep you cool and is the fruit that is available only in summer. Chilled mangoes are the best, juiciest to cool your body. If you don’t like, you can try for a bit of spice. Eat unripe mangoes that is rich in pectin. Blend juice from unripe mangoes and add cumin, salt in that juice. Mix them well and drink it. This juice protects you from heat strokes and helps you from fatigue.

Watermelon for the Summer Season

Watermelon is the best fruit in summer. It is best if you can arrange for some fresh watermelon slices. This is the seasonal fruit of summer and helps you to have the perfect energy during the humid season. Watermelon falls within the category of cooling fruits and it is known to have the perfect A/C content to make you feel so cool and fresh from within. It is fine, if you add watermelon to your daily diet. It is delicious and beneficial at the same time.

Lemon is Top Best Fruit during the Summer to get Hydrated

Citrus fruit helps to give you cooling effect and also promotes to detoxify your body. Drink plenty of water that helps to flush out toxins and keeps you hydrated. You may feel bored with always drinking plain water, for this you can add lemon for different taste. Lemon water is good for your skin and also boosts your immunity system. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. You can have it salted, sweet, or by adding a dash of black salt and cumin powder to it. You can drink it normally or chilled.

Peach is a Cool Fruit of Summer

Peach is once again a cool fruit in summer. The fruit was cultivated in China and it is the great cool and seasonal pick for you. Peaches are so delicious to eat and the fruit even has the perfect content of Vitamins C and A. These are the best components to help you have the perfect skin texture in summer. With peaches you can have the diet friendly desert and as part of the meal peach you can prove to be so beneficial for regular intake. With the rich content of vitamins peach can really make you feel so inertly good and energetic.

Top Best Cooling Foods for Indian Summers with Onions

Onions are the best easily available kitchen ingredient that makes your body cool. Onion has best cooling property. You can add them in salads, dips, chutneys, curries, and raitas. Onion is rich in quercetin that has natural anti-allergen property. So, eat lots of onions as you can by adding them in curries to protect yourself from sunstroke.

Apples can Make You Heal in Summer

You can have apples and peanut butter for summer. This is the perfect summer snacks you can have. This is the best fruit to cool you down and can even make you so full. Apples have more than 4 grams of fibre and it even contains 95 calories. In apples, you have the presence of the soluble fibre and this is known as pectin. Pectin helps in resisting hunger and it is best to help you in reducing immense weight. If you want perfect summer refreshment you can take the apple-ade. This is the squeezed blending of lemon, apple, ginger and Jamba juice.

Curd and Yogurt for Better Health in Summer

Curd and yogurt are the best natural, healthy food to keep your body cool and hydrated. You can add curd and yogurt into your diet instead of soft drinks and ice-creams. Because curd and yogurt is packed with numerous vitamins, calcium, and nutrients that help to keep your body cool. The Vitamin B present in them helps to soothe the allergies, heat boils, and ulcers in summer.

Pineapple is the Best for Summer

Pineapple is the ideal summer green smoothie booster. It is the most cooling fruit in the season and you can eat the same to stay fresh all along. Pineapple can be blended with other things to make the best salad. Pineapple has the perfect enzyme known as bromelain and this helps in reducing body inflammation in summer. The fruit comes with more goodness and this is the reason you can count it as part of the fresh summer fruit.

Ways to Keep you Hydrated during Summer with Coconut Water

Coconut water has numerous health benefits. It has better cooling properties which helps with electrolytes, minerals and sufficient amount of minerals to the body that keeps you well hydrated. Do you that coconut water fights against cancer causing agents and has anti-ageing property? Coconut water instantly can boost your energy.

The Summer Essence of Green Leafy Vegetables

In summer, you should take to green leafy vegetables. As part of the list you have kale, spinach, romaine and collard greens. These are perfect food components to help your body stay in the best of state in the summer. Green vegetables have the perfect water content and you can digest the same with ease. This is the reason your body does not have to work hard to have the best food absorption. Lots of energy is saved in the process and you are made to stay cool and fine.

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