MoboMarket App Store Updated With Bengali, Marathi, Tamil & Urdu

MoboMarket has officially released its beta version by adding tons of new features on it. And the newest beta version is currently focusing the Indian users. This is because of that, People of India made the MoboMarket App a great successful tool to replace the Google Play Store App. So if you are looking for some best alternatives to download Android Apps instead using Play Store, go with the newest version of MoboMarket app.
As everyone knows, Google Play Store owns millions of Android Apps and still the number keep on increasing daily. Before the launch of MoboMarket App which is a third party app store, Google Play store was the only source to download apps and all Android users were depending only on it. The best thing, you can find newly launched android apps where you cannot find on Google Play Store. Yeah, it’s true! Very first thing you need to do is just download this app to grab your favorite android apps. Don’t worry; this post will help you do that with few clicks!.


Before starting let me give a short intro about MoboMarket App. This Android App works similarly like Play Store app where you can experience lots of features while downloading your favorite applications. It is loaded with tons of apps on a various category for easy surfings! Downloading App which also includes all Android Games, Utility apps too!

MoboMarket Beta version has been launched recently to reach a wider range of users all around India. And in this newest released version, you will find new features which will surely help the Indian users to feel good about it. The company is aiming to make more people in India to get their hands on this app to explore a bigger world. As I said before, this beta version got some updates on 4 new Indian languages to be lined up next to Hindi such as Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, and Marathi. And this update is just the beginning where you can expect more in upcoming days!

Features of MoboMarket:

At first, I will be considering its User-Friendly Interface! All applications should concern about this feature because its helps the users to a browser or search easily which they are looking towards. MoboMarket is one of the best alternatives for Play Store, so it does have millions of android apps. It features categories like games, exclusives, wallpapers, shopping and many more, which help the users to find their favorite app easily. So to be short, the app interface is quite convenient and easy for all new users. Also, here you can find a new feature called as ‘Focus’ which gives you a complete clean format look of the apps.

So in the newest Beta version, it took advantage of Indian users to use this app with their mother tongue languages. So earlier MoboMarket was only supporting Hindi as Indian Language and now the newest version features Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu. So totally it supports 5 Indian languages with feather smooth interface without any glitches.


Navigation stuff made easy on MoboMarket Beta version. As mentioned above, with different categories the UI gives you an easy navigation experience. I hope this will feature the best interface than other third party apps. Also, it allows the users to download apps faster than usual time.

MoboMarket also allows its users to download the apps that are not available on the Play store.

How to download Android Apps from MoboMarket. ?

At first, you need to download MoboMarket Beta Version by going through here. After downloading the apk file from the official website just install it on your mobile and move ahead.

Download ButtonTo download apps and games, you need to use the built-in Android APK installer. Just type the app name in the search box then start downloading it. MoboMarket will let the users download the app via APK. Also, it allows the users to access and give permissions to install it easily. However, you can change the settings to turn this feature off.


What’s the Interesting Deal now. ?

Every new stuff might have some bug, I mean ‘errors’. So in order to help the team, the company itself asking the users to find language translation bug in those 5 areas by trying the new MoboMarket beta version. And please report to if there is any. MoboMarket team will evaluate all users’ suggestions and select 10 most valuable suggestions then give out 10 android Smartphone to each of the users as a reward. You heard it right!

The company also says that the beta version is just the beginning. We are working hard to make it even better. Also, MoboMarket team is hiring more people to join us to improve the translation.


Final Thoughts

The MoboMarket app is well known as the good alternative to Google Play Store and now it is known as the alternative app store with 5 new languages. It’s been long times for around 3 years serving the android users by letting them to download their favorite apps easily. And this beta version might be the handy tool for Indian users from now and the team needs your valuable suggestions to improve the updates in future. So just give a shot, use it and share your experiences with us too! Cheers ?

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