Why You Shouldn’t Use Free WordPress Hosting Service

Free WordPress hosting can be found easily on the web. This kind of service usually targets beginners who cannot afford premium WordPress hosting services. However, we don’t suggest you take the free offers into consideration because such things cannot save much money for you, and what’s worse, they could cause much trouble.
The most important fact you need to know is that every company is created to make profits. Even if you try a free WordPress hosting package, you will pay something for it willingly or unwillingly.

There are many problems with a normal free WordPress hosting package, and below are the most serious ones that prevent us from advising it for your use.

Annoying Advertising

A common disadvantage of using free WordPress hosting is that you will get unwanted ads on your site since most providers cover their costs on the server with ads. You, the user, don’t have any control over the ads, so you may find that your competitor’s ads are put on your site one day.

These ads do a lot of harm. They make your site look unprofessional, distract your visitors from the blog content, and drive your potential customers away from you.

Hidden Cost

Charging hidden fees is a hateful trick of free WordPress hosting providers. If you are unlucky, you will be asked to pay for many services you need eventually, ending up with a higher cost than a paid WordPress hosting package. When using a free service, you might be charged for:

  • The removal of ads.
  • Website backups and restorations.
  • Website transfer.
  • Resource overuse, such as the disk space, database and bandwidth.

Considering these costs, we’d suggest you consider these cheap offers which are priced under $5/mo instead of the so-called free services.

Limited Server Resources

Many free web hosts use old servers or put as many users as possible on a single server to reduce their cost. As a result, the users get very limited disk space, RAM and CPU.

Some web hosts which also offer paid services in addition to free hosting usually provide little server resource in the free packages. The aim of doing so is to grow the customer base with free services, and then try forcing them to the paid offers by putting severe limits on what they can use.

In such a case, you might receive overuse notices frequently because the resources cannot deal with even a small traffic boost. With many notices sent, the provider would block your account until you pay a large fee for the reactivation.

Lack of Control and Web Hosting Features

Free web hosts set strict limits on not only the resource usage, but also what you can do with your website. For example, you might have to host the media files somewhere else. If you violate any of the provider’s rules, your site could be shut down at any time without notice. Sometimes there is no way to get any data back. Also, you’ll never know when the provider will stop the free service and remove your site.

In addition, the features included in free WordPress hosting packages are quite limited. Although you can get the necessary things like MySQL database, email account and control panel, you must pay attention to the following facts.

  • The control panel is either hard to use or coming with limited access.
  • You have no access to many important WordPress hosting features, such as the auto installer, mailing list, analytics software, SMTP server and SSH.
  • The backups are your own responsibility.
  • There might be problems running some plugins due to improper server configurations.

Poor Performance

To cut off the cost, free web hosts are not able to invest much in servers. So the servers they use are usually not reliable and powerful enough. Overselling will further aggravate this problem, which results in frequent delays, downtimes, and slow page loading. Besides, if any website among the thousands on your server uses excessive resources, your WordPress site can be extremely slow. Poor uptime and speed can destroy a website because they drive visitors away.

Lack of Security

Security is a big concern of free WordPress hosting. The lack of advanced firewalls and the protection against malware and DDoS attacks leaves your WordPress site vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. If one website is hacked, all other accounts on the server could be compromised, too. Since SSL is not allowed, online transactions cannot be secured, either.

In addition, website backup and restoration are not easy with free WordPress hosting. Some free web hosts do not offer backups, and others limit the backups strictly. And for restoration, you will be probably charged. These are what you must sacrifice for the “free hosting”.

Bad Technical Support

Free web hosts provide little or no technical support, so you have to solve all issues by yourself. If you are not familiar with the WordPress install, WordPress update, SEO, etc, you will have a hard time managing and optimizing your WordPress site.

Sometimes you can reach the provider for assistance through tickets, but the responses are very slow, and only simple questions are going to be answered. Never expect a solution for fairly complicated issues. You are on your own.


Compared with free WordPress hosting, a paid hosting package will make your life much easier. Instead of bothering with the ads, security, features and performance, you have more time managing and optimizing your site and business because you can get almost all things you need in a single paid package, such as domain name, control panel, backups, shared SSL, and 24×7 technical support. Such a package doesn’t have to be expensive.

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