Basic Knowledge About Some Features Of Blogger

Blogging is one the great way to express your views and knowledge on web. Blogging is also a best to make money online. Weather their are many  Services which offers you to create blog. If you are newbie in blogging or don’t know anything about blogs then i suggest you to read my article about
What are Blogs and how to create blog.
For every newbie person in blogging who decides to create new blog but don’t know about anything from where to start. So i suggest you to create it under blogger. I am also using blogger platform from long time. Blogger is best place for creating your blog instead of others. But most of the peoples face many problems in starting period to understand the features and working of blogger. I also face these types of problem when i am new in blogging.  Many peoples also worry about the designing of blog and don’t know the secrets behind all these.


Little Bit Effort To Explain Features

Today i decide to discuss from starting about the features of blogger. I know this post is useful only for the newbie bloggers. If you already know about blogger then it’s good. I will try to explain the best way to use all the features but not in too brief but sufficient to understand its working.
Blogger contain 10 different tabs which all have unique functions and helps you to maintain and explore your blog best way.
So i only Discuss about the main parts which are important to understand for everyone


Post Tab

This is main part of blogger where you can create new post including text, images and videos which you want to publish on your blog. Their is no limit to create new post, you can create numbers of different posts. To create a new post you can switch to button of new post from dashboard. In blogger post editor their are many different features you can use different colors, fonts, text, images, videos, Link to any url and many other features you can also switch to HTML in post editor of blogger. After creating your new article. To arrange your blog best way you can also do some post setting from right side bar.
Always label your post with best keywords about which you are writing like Facebook, Google, blogger and much more labels which are relative to your post type.You can also schedule time of your post to publish. You can also set time and date when you want to publish your blog post automatically. Then Permalink is URL of your blog post which should be relative to the title of your post. Then in search description tab you can describe your post in short few words. All these things help you to create effective post. As shown in below image you can see difference between post editor and original article look.


Pages are create same like blog post but the difference is blog post comes on your homepage but pages are different page from your homepage. So if you want to create pages like about us, contact us, Sitemap, privacy page and many other different pages. These types of pages are not published in the form of post. You can link you pages on your homepage. Like i also linked these pages on my homepage.



This is best feature to check popularity of your blog and also help you to concentrate on that parts which are helpful to increase your blog traffic. In stats overview you can see daily, monthly or all time page view on your blog. You can also see some popular post which are gaining traffic as compare to other posts. You can also see Traffic source in which you can see sites URLs from where you are getting visitors and You can also see some popular keywords which help to understand your Seo performance of your blog.



If you successfully establish your blog with good quality content and also able to make your blog more popular or If your users experience towards your blog is positive then this is right time to take some benefits of your blog. Earning tab is directly attached to Google adsense which will help you to generate revenue from your blog traffic but before proceeding in adsense program must read their programs polices and compare your blog with all polices. If your site comply with adsense polices then sign up for the approval of adsense and wait for the response of your application in your email address.


Layout is the place where you can arrange all the positions of different Widgets of your Blog. Like you can see on my sidebar their are no of widgets like Search box, Stay Connected,  Popular articles and also in footer of my site all these arrangements are done in Layout tab. Layout is look like structure arrangement of your blog. By click on Add Widget button you can add any widget which are listed by blogger or If you are families with the HTML, JavaScript and css codes  then you can also use your own codes in HTML/JavaScript box and save your codes to add your own new widget.



To change the theme and style of your blog their are many features in template tab. You can use any basic templates published by blogger but you can search some template designs on Google for blogger and upload any design which you like and feel best. By using backup/restore button you can upload your new template and also you can download your old theme. If you have basic knowledge about html then you can switch to edit html. Where you can add and change any style, Background, layout positions, colors and much more things.

Settings Tab


There are 5 different tab in settings which are basic settings, post and comment setting, mobile and email, Search setting, Language and Other settings.
In basic setting you can change and set your blog title, description and privacy of listing your blog. If you have any domain then you can also use it as custom domain for your blog in publishing tab. If you want to add any new author then you can also do in permission tab. But their are many other features in setting tab which are understandable But i request you, if you don’t know about any feature in setting tab then don’t change it without knowledge.
The only main feature in setting tab which i only want to discuss is import and export blog tool in others tab but using this feature you can download and also upload your all blog post. So anytime if you want to shift to new blog then this feature is helpful.
I don’t explain each and every feature because it is not possible to explain all in one article. I only try to discuss about how blogger work. If you are newbie then this post will helpful for you to boost your knowledge.
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