The Secret to Having a Great Marriage and Family

The Secret to Having a Great Marriage and Family

Your life is basically normal  at least most of the time. Your marriage could be better. There have been hard timesmaybe even devastating timesbut somehow you’re working through life. The kids seem happy enough. You provide for them the best you cana decent education, plenty of outside activities, loving parents.

But for some reason, there’s a nagging feeling deep inside you, hinting that there’s something more.

It’s as if there is a secret that some of your friends and neighbors know, giving them that special edge on life, but somehow you’ve missed it. You’ve seen the glow from inside the relationships of their homeseven when they’re having problems. What makes them different? How can you know the secret?

Every couple eventually has to deal with problems in the homethere is no perfect marriage and family. Problems like finances, communication, and conflict resolution are all important to work through in order to cultivate strong, loving relationships.

But there is a secret. And this is something that all the resources and materials from books can’t help you with. This is the basic issue at the heart of every problem in every marriage. No matter how hard you try, this is one problem that is too big for you to deal with on your own.

The Secret
Do you want to know the secret for building the type of marriage and family relationships you desire?
The secret is this: If you want to experience marriage the way it was designed to be, you need a vital relationship with the God who created you and offers you the power to live a life of joy and purpose.

Jesus Christ said, “I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly.” And Psalm 16:11 tells us that in God’s presence is “fullness of joy.” God gives us a biblical plan for making family relationships workand then He gives us the power to follow that plan through a relationship with Him.

As I write these devotionals, my sole focus is to bring the LIGHT of Christ into your home.  Some of you are saying “this isn’t for me” or “I don’t have time to deal with spirtual things”.  Well… I can only say… All of our issues begin with solving them spiritually through the power of God, and His Word.  Debbie, and I continue to pray for marriages, and the family.  Our focus is to see STRONG FAMILIES mature in a Christ Centered Environment.  If you are NOT in a bible study together as a couple then you are not growing spiritually, and you have NO protection against what Satan wants to destroy.  Think of it this way.  You are standing in the middle of a battlefield with NO PROTECTION, and you are caught in a cross fire.  That crossfire is God and Satan.  The good news is that God has already WON the battle, but the bad news is that YOU don’t know that.  Come over to God’s side, get into a Bible Study together.  Don’t put it off until NEXT SUNDAY.  Make that call right now, and watch how God will change your life… you’ll be eternally greatful!