The Egyptian pyramids are located in Egypt. It is one of the seven wonders in the world. Different static of 2008 said that there are found 118 and 138 numbers of identified Egyptian pyramids. During the Old and Middle Kingdom periods, most of those pyramids were built as tombs for the country’s pharaohs and their consorts.

The most renowned pyramids of Egypt are found at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Historical development.

Egypt enjoyed tremendous economics enrichment and durability, during the third and fourth blood of old kingdom. In Egyptian society kings held a single position. To serve as mediators between gods and the people on the earth, they were started to believe that they have been chosen by the gods. And for this, when he was believed to become the god of the dead named as Osiris, everyone interested to keep the king’s greatness unharmed even after his death. The new pharaoh successively began to be falcon-god named as Horus, who served as guardian of the sun-god named as Ra.

Ancient Egyptians trusted it that after the dying of the king, his soul’s part remained with his body. And for the properly care of his soul it was needed to mummify his corpse, and also everything for the king which he would need in the afterlife was buried with him, including food, furniture, gold vessels, and other offerings. Their wealth would not only provide for the king, but also for the officials, relatives and priests who were entombed near him.

To demolish the pyramids of Giza, Al Aziz Uthman (1171-1198) was tried. Although after damaging the pyramid of Menkaure, he was given up.

Location Of The pyramids.

All of Egypt’s pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile and in a number of pyramid fields, most of them are grouped together and listed geographically form north to south. The pyramids are located at Abu Rawash, Giza, Zawyet el Aryan, Abu Sir, Saqqara, Dashur, Mazghuna, Lisht, Meidum, Hawara, El-Lahun, El-Kurru, Nuri of Egypt. Among of them the biggest and most ancient pyramids are located in Giza.

Since antiquity, the Giza burying-ground is a popular tourism center.

Construction dates.

The following table describes you the chronology of the construction dates of most of the major pyramids. Each pyramid is given here with the name of the pharaoh who ordered to build it, their approximate reign and the location of it.

Pyramid/pharaoh            Reign         Field
        Djoser      c. 2670 BC      Saqqara
       Sneferu c. 2612–2589 BC      Dashur
       Sneferu c. 2612–2589 BC       Meidum
        Khufu c. 2589–2566 BC         Giza
       Djedefre c. 2566–2558 BC    Abu Rawash
       Khafre c. 2558–2532 BC         Giza
       Menkaure c. 2532–2504 BC         Giza
        Userkaf c. 2494–2487 BC        Saqqara
         Sahure c. 2487–2477 BC       Abu Sir
 Neferirkare Kakai c. 2477–2467 BC       Abu Sir
    Nyuserre Ini c. 2416–2392 BC       Abu Sir
     Amenemhat I c. 1991–1962 BC          Lisht
         Senusret I c. 1971–1926 BC          Lisht
         Senusret II c. 1897–1878 BC        El-Lahun
     Amenemhat II c. 1860–1814 BC        Hawara
       Khendjer c. 1764–1759 BC        Saqqara
          Piye        c. 721 BC       El-Kurru
        Taharqa        c. 664 BC         Nuri


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