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How To Use Instagram On PC – 2016


Instagram social networking platform which becomes the most famous mobile app for photo and videos sharing. It is a fast, beautiful and best way to share your life moments with friends and family. You can take picture or video, then choose a filter to change its feel and look, then …

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How To Cancel/Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests


Facebook best place for connecting with friends and family. At Facebook we send request and follower other account to get in touch with that person. Facebook have lots of greats features which help us to find and communicate with others in a better way. As we already discussed about various Facebook …

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How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number


Whatsapp is a very popular messenger app these days. Using whatsapp we can keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We can also make different groups in whatsapp to share different things among different kinds of people. Using whatsapp we share images, audio, video etc with our friends. Whatsapp …

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Activate Facebook Log In Approval For Account Protection


acebook security is main question which comes in every mind. Everyone feels that is it secure on Facebook or not. Many users deactivate account for temporary when he not access his or her account for days or may be for few hour just to be safe.  But why they deactivate …

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Facebook’s Latin America VP arrested in Brazil after failing to provide WhatsApp user data


  The US isn’t the only country in the middle of a ‘privacy vs national security’ debate right now. In Brazil, authorities are going a step further than their American counterparts; police in Sao Paulo have just detained Facebook’s regional vice president, Diego Dzodan, for failing to provide information related …

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How To Mention Tag All Friends In Facebook Comments At Once


Facebook is most social media platform. We enjoy own spare time by using Facebook Where we share our ideas, views and other day to day moments. We share own photos, status, videos with our Facebook friends. We all have many friends on Facebook. Even we have join groups, events and …

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YouTube on Thursday rolled out a new Custom Blurring tool for its video creators to hide sensitive information inside their videos. The tool, which now can be used for moving and still objects inside a video, is an extension of the face blur tool YouTube introduced back in 2012. The …

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