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How To Cancel/Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests


Facebook best place for connecting with friends and family. At Facebook we send request and follower other account to get in touch with that person. Facebook have lots of greats features which help us to find and communicate with others in a better way. As we already discussed about various Facebook …

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Wondershare PDFelement: Best Alternative To Adobe Acrobat


PDF files is a “read only” files. PDF file format is more secure as compared to other file formats for creating any kind of documents. PDF formats are viewable on any device and very easy to create. You can merge multiple documents such as photos, spreadsheets and presentations into a …

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Tiny Molecules Could Solve Problems Supercomputers Take Lifetimes to Crack


The molecules that help muscles contract could one day help drive a new kind of molecular supercomputer, researchers said. These biological computers could quickly solve complex problems that conventional supercomputers would take lifetimes or more to crack, scientists added. Modern supercomputers are staggeringly powerful. The world’s fastest supercomputer, Tianhe-2 in …

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AT&T and Intel are testing the viability of using existing LTE networks to control aerial drones


AT&T’s Internet of Things team and the AT&T Foundry innovation center are partneringwith Intel to explore alternative methods to handle increased drone traffic. Specifically, they aim to determine if AT&T’s existing LTE network is up to the task of handling data transmission between aerial drones and their operators on the …

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