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How to fix nail cracks

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Nail cracks and breakage are common for all of us. The first thing we should all do is not to panic! There are numerous tricks which helps your fix the damage. Broken nails are surely painful, but they don’t need to kill the fashion. Don’t let the occasions go without …

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Types of dermal fillers, costs, pros and cons


Aging is a natural process of the human body and also one of the greatest concerns for all of us. With the increasing amount of pollution in the environment along with the stress filled lifestyle signs of skin aging are now becoming apparent even at an earlier age. One of …

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How to remove pimples/acne on cheeks quickly

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All of us are quite familiar with pimples and acne. No matter how much a perfect skin you are blessed with, there is hardly any chance that you have come to this age without suffering from pimples or acne even for once in your lifetime. Children are actually exempted from …

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How to maintain long hair right way


Those long cascading locks look absolutely gorgeous and can make a special addition to your overall appearance and personality. However, even though long hairs look actually good, maintaining them properly might not be an easy task. If you have somehow managed to keep your hairs long so far and are planning to cut …

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Grapefruit health benefits – Grapefruit beauty benefits


Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients. They are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Grapefruits provide a clear, healthy skin and can help to lower the risk for many diseases.They can even help with weight loss to keep the body overall healthy. Health benefits of …

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How to look beautiful in teenage


Teenage is such a phase in everybody’s life which people wishes to get back again. This is the time when the skin tone look beautiful with bubbly cheeks, n wrinkles, bright tone of skin and wonderful touch of youthfulness. But, many individual don’t look good even if they are in …

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Homemade rosewater skin and facial toner


Rose water has a number of beneficial qualities which makes it a skin care product.It is used in making many cosmetic products.  Rose water can be prepared at home or bought from the market. It can be easily prepared at home by putting fresh rose petals in a jar of …

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Homemade Green tea face packs, face masks


Natural components are always great for the face. If you make things at home they are both natural and can do well to the skin. Moreover, the homemade stuffs are affordable. This is the reason it is time that you know about the goodness of the green tea face packs …

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