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Grapefruit health benefits – Grapefruit beauty benefits


Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients. They are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Grapefruits provide a clear, healthy skin and can help to lower the risk for many diseases.They can even help with weight loss to keep the body overall healthy. Health benefits of …

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How to delay periods using birth control pills – delaying your periods


Delaying your periods by taking birth control pills is a common way which is considered as safe by most of the Gynecologists from across the world. Though it might not be the best practice, delaying menstruation by taking birth control pills can be highly helpful in certain cases. It can …

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Top hair care tips in Monsoon | rainy season


Hair care in rains or monsoon Monsoon – season for super dry skins and damaged hair has arrived with excess humidity in the air. Many think that summer is the season that causes much hair damage but no rainy season has its own set of weather-induced disturbance that strip away …

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How to reduce – Ways to overcome bloating stomach


Stomach bloating is due to a medical condition like liver or heart disease, which is only real cause in intestinal gas not water weight. It can also be caused by gas, irregularity, or water retention can make even a tiny tummy. Bloating in the stomach is from fluid accumulation in …

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