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How to fix nail cracks

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Nail cracks and breakage are common for all of us. The first thing we should all do is not to panic! There are numerous tricks which helps your fix the damage. Broken nails are surely painful, but they don’t need to kill the fashion. Don’t let the occasions go without …

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Types of dermal fillers, costs, pros and cons


Aging is a natural process of the human body and also one of the greatest concerns for all of us. With the increasing amount of pollution in the environment along with the stress filled lifestyle signs of skin aging are now becoming apparent even at an earlier age. One of …

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How to remove dark circles due to spectacles/specs


With continuous usage of spectacles, we tend to create dark lines under our eyes. These create puffiness in that area and make the overall face look dull. The first thing to do to prevent this condition is to choose a frame which will be comfortable to carry and will not …

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How to remove chest acne with home remedies fast


We all are quite familiar with face acne, but it is not only the face where acne can occur. They can break out almost on any part of the body, starting from your face, hands, thighs, chest, back, buttocks and where not. The body acne is often given less importance than face acne, …

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How to remove pimples/acne on cheeks quickly

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All of us are quite familiar with pimples and acne. No matter how much a perfect skin you are blessed with, there is hardly any chance that you have come to this age without suffering from pimples or acne even for once in your lifetime. Children are actually exempted from …

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How to remove dark circles with cucumber


When it comes to dark circles under the eyes, cucumber is one of the most common home remedies that can actually provide effective results. Cucumber has skin nourishing, skin soothing as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The enzymes present in cucumber juice can also be very effective to remove any kind …

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How to maintain long hair right way


Those long cascading locks look absolutely gorgeous and can make a special addition to your overall appearance and personality. However, even though long hairs look actually good, maintaining them properly might not be an easy task. If you have somehow managed to keep your hairs long so far and are planning to cut …

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Best chocolate face packs for all skin types


Chocolates are irresistible as long as they are edible elements, but do you know that it could have other uses too? Uses like face packs? For example, the chocolate cake that was smashed on your face in your last birthday wasn’t at all a bad action? It actually did leave …

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