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Best chocolate face packs for all skin types


Chocolates are irresistible as long as they are edible elements, but do you know that it could have other uses too? Uses like face packs? For example, the chocolate cake that was smashed on your face in your last birthday wasn’t at all a bad action? It actually did leave …

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Grapefruit health benefits – Grapefruit beauty benefits


Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients. They are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C. Grapefruits provide a clear, healthy skin and can help to lower the risk for many diseases.They can even help with weight loss to keep the body overall healthy. Health benefits of …

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How to look beautiful in teenage


Teenage is such a phase in everybody’s life which people wishes to get back again. This is the time when the skin tone look beautiful with bubbly cheeks, n wrinkles, bright tone of skin and wonderful touch of youthfulness. But, many individual don’t look good even if they are in …

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How to delay periods using birth control pills – delaying your periods


Delaying your periods by taking birth control pills is a common way which is considered as safe by most of the Gynecologists from across the world. Though it might not be the best practice, delaying menstruation by taking birth control pills can be highly helpful in certain cases. It can …

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How to reduce – Ways to overcome bloating stomach


Stomach bloating is due to a medical condition like liver or heart disease, which is only real cause in intestinal gas not water weight. It can also be caused by gas, irregularity, or water retention can make even a tiny tummy. Bloating in the stomach is from fluid accumulation in …

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Hair benefits of using henna


The beauty benefits of henna are popular since ancient times, it is a natural hair dye to cover up the grey hair. The natural dying property of henna leaves gives a burgundy brown color to the hair. Up on the top it not just increases the beauty of your hair …

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Home remedies for pitted nails


Individual with uneven nails such that some small wholes can be viewed over the nails can be stated as pitting. It is also common to have a view at the depression over the surface of the nails when the person has the problem of nail pitting. When a superficial nail …

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How to treat foot odor or smelly feet with home remedies?


  The foul smell that wafts in the air in the immediate next second after you remove your shoes or socks represents foot odor. It is one of the irritating problems for both men and women who continuously gives their foot for shoes. It is caused due to the lack …

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Best white mehndi designs for you


The best thing about fashion is that it always keeps on changing and every other day there are some additions or alterations. Mehendi has been a popular trend for years and it is not out of the fashion ever, but new variations of Mehendi are out there now to give …

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