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AT&T and Intel are testing the viability of using existing LTE networks to control aerial drones


AT&T’s Internet of Things team and the AT&T Foundry innovation center are partneringwith Intel to explore alternative methods to handle increased drone traffic. Specifically, they aim to determine if AT&T’s existing LTE network is up to the task of handling data transmission between aerial drones and their operators on the …

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Google wants to help carriers replace SMS with a better messaging platform


Google is partnering with mobile operators across the world to push a replacement technology for SMS called Rich Communications Services (RCS). The standard would enable more advanced features found in today’s messaging apps like the ability to send photos and videos, create group chats, and to see when another user …

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How to treat pink eye with best natural home remedies?


ink eye is an eye problem that makes your eye feel irritable and itching. This is also called conjunctivitis and is caused due to various reasons including allergies, bacteria and virus. The condition becomes worse with the pollen, dust mites, make-up, smoke, pollution and eye drops. It shows the symptoms …

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