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Low Blood Pressure and Its Remedy

To keep body sound fit, there needs to be equally conscious about blood pressure. If the blood pressure grows up the normal level, it is called high pressure and when it falls below the margin (120/80mmHg), it is called low pressure. Many of us become anxious with the high pressure but not with the low one. In fact, all have no sharp knowledge about the matter that both are the common but dangerous. Here I will say about Low Blood Pressure.

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Symptom of Low Blood Pressure

In the very first of Low Blood Pressure many ones can’t feel the pressure but uneasy. People with Low Blood Pressure should know the symptoms of such kind of uneasiness and need sometimes go to the doctors. In normal cases, they can avoid going to the doctor. But to be conscious on the issue, everyone needs to know the symptoms of Low Blood Pressure. When a man or woman feels uneasy with giddiness, hazy vision, Palpitations, Fatigue, greater than before thirst, Fainting Shortness of breath, weakness to walk in the right direction, irregular heartbeat etc, he/she should know that it is from Low Blood Pressure.

Dizziness, fatigue and lack of concentration are the result of blood pressure as the body supplies inadequate blood to the brain. In this position, to stand up or to sit down is hard for the man who feels Low Blood Pressure.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure

Some common causes of low Blood pressure include these indications: Sometimes medication, heart problems, pregnancy loss of Blood, allergic reaction, Nutritional deficiencies, severe infection, dehydration etc are the main sources to low blood pressure.

Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Chronic hypotension resulted from allergic reaction or infection even from shock needs immediate medical attention to treat the problem. Some of the remedies for low blood pressure are as follow:


Low pressure with dehydration needs to increase of fluids and minerals. Drinking a lot of water can avert this kind of low pressure. If the case is from blood loss, it needs blood fusions and intravenous fluids. And, if the case is from medication, consult with an experience doctor to find out alternative. The case of mild hypo-tension does not need treatment. By adding electrolytes to the diet automatic improve the condition. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper all these herbs help a great to raise blood pressure. Yoga helps mind to be calm and improves blood circulation.


Diet for Low Blood Pressure

To normalize low blood pressure, a healthy diet that provides nourishment is needed at first. In this condition, small but more frequent food immediate covers low blood pressure. Intake of sodium-rich food improves blood pressure but to take this kind of food is recommended to consult with doctor as over limit of sodium creates can lead to heart problems. Foods with high content of protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, lean meat, egg citrus fruits are good option to recover from low blood pressure.

Suggestion for Low Blood Pressure

Eat smaller but more frequent, never try to move quickly, don’t remain in one position for extended period of time and keep your body well hydrated, you will remain free of danger.



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