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Increase Internet Speed of Your PC

You must worried if you have a limited internet connection and speed. You must want to use your bandwith by browsing with a good speed. If it is true for you the you can follow the procedure. Always your PC is updating if you are connected with internet.

So it will cost your bandwith and as your PC is downloading at the time of update, you may face slow connection.

To get more speed on browsing, we need to stop this updating/downloading. For this just follow the step:

Windows 8:
Go to “Task Manager” >>> “Service Tab” >>> Now stop “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”.

Windows 7:

Go to “Start” >>> “Services” >>> Now stop “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”.

Now you can see that your hidden download is now stopped.

Source Link : http://technobeach.com/internet/90-increase-internet-speed

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