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You Can Ask God for Help

You Can Ask God for Help

Joshua 9
“v14 The men of Israel looked at the food and other things, but they did not ask the Lord for help. “

To get the whole picture you need to understand that Joshua was in a battle with EVERY tribe.  They were all his enemies, but here the Israelites become friends with their enemies from Gibeon.  It was all a devised plan of the Gibeonites.  The Gibeonites were only 25 miles from the Israelites, but they had pretended to come from a far distance.  They put together some old wine skins and bread which made it look like they were travelling for days.  They said their bread was warm and their wine skins were new when they had left home. The Israelites believed them, but God had told the Israelites not to make agreements with the inhabitants of Canaan (Deuteronomy 7). If the people from Gibeon had come from another country, then the Israelites could make a peace agreement with them. But they had come only 25 miles (40 kilometres).
Joshua and the rest of Israelites believed the Gibeonites. He did not think about any problems. He did not ask the Lord if their story was true, and he made the peace agreement. This agreement with The Gibeonites was going to hurt Joshua in the long run!

What didn’t Joshua do?…. Pray.  The end of verse 14 “… but they did not ask the Lord for help.”

Do you need help?  Are you making an important decision in your life right now?

You know… God even delights in the small decisions.  He knows the direction you should take in EVERYTHING you do.  Just ask God for direction in your life for that day, and he’ll give it to you.

Proverbs 4:11 says that God will guide us to make wise decisions.

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