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What are the Advantages of Information Technology in Our Modern Life

What are Today’s Modern Day Advantages of Information Technology?

What is Information?

“Information” is a noun which is derived from the verb “Inform”. The meaning of “Inform” is to tell someone about Particular facts. Today, this word is used to communicate globally.

What is Technology?
The word “Technology”  is a noun and comes from Greek word “Tekhnologia”, derived from two words TECHNO, electronic dance music and LOGY meaning “knowledge”. The meaning of TECHNOLOGY is “Science of the Mechanical and Industrial Arts”. The word “Technology” is also known universally amongst many languages.

Putting both words together we get “Information Technology” meaning “The Media of Global Communication.”

What are the Advantages of Information Technology?
Today, Information Technology has taken hold of society in many different ways.  Probably one of the biggest changes created from advanced Information Technology is working remotely from home.  Being able to manage your business from a remote location is a dream that has now come to reality in today’s working world.  From Accounting, to Sales, to Order Processing even with Voice Over IP, otherwise known as “VOIP”, giving today’s customer service from home a whole new meaning!
There are many many different software packages that can be purchased to allow for EASY REMOTE access to your HOME or Office PC through a reliable internet connection.  One of today’s MOST POPULAR is “Team Viewer” and is FREE to any user, and is #1 in Market Share for clientless Remote Support. www.teamviewer.com

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