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The Eternal Consequences of SMALL decisions

The Eternal Consequences of SMALL decisions.

Ru 1:16-17
But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge , I will lodge . Your people my people , and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus may the LORD do to me, and worse , if death parts you and me.”

Amazing…simply AMAZING!  You know, as I continue my studies in the book of RUTH, I just sit here and ponder how God Almighty is just that… ALMIGHTY – In Hebrew, El Shaddai!  I was so DRAINED by the despair, murder, homosexuality, STRIFE, and cycle of sin in Judges that I had to take a few days off.  The moment that God gave me the go ahead into RUTH I AGAIN had begun to realize His Sovreignty over our lives.  We can’t forget for ONE MINUTE that God does NOT know what He’s doing!  We can’t forget that HE is in control of EVERYTHING.  The slightest decision, the slightest choice… He’s in CONTROL!

In the verse above we see Ruth having to make a decision.  She is with two other women, her mother-in-law, and Orpah, basically her sister-in-law.  Ruth was married to Mahlon, one of Naomi’s sons, and Orpah was married to Chilion, Naomi’s other son.  Both sons have died along with Naomi’s husband.  So Naomi, and her two daughter-in-laws were left stranded.  In those days they did not have SOCIAL SERVICES to help out the widows they used something called a levirate marriage system where the brother was to take the widow as a his wife and father a son for his dead brother to continue the name of the deceased.

All three women stood on the road.  Naomi told them all to return, that she could not help them.  She told them that she could not bare another child.  Well… Orpah returned back, but RUTH made the decision to move on.

Now… it gets interesting…. Ruth gets back to Bethlehem (The land of BREAD) with her mother-in-law, and marries a man named BOAZ!  Little did she realize that she was NOW in the Ancestry of King David, in which we know is in the lineage of Christ!  So… think about it… husband dies, she’s left with nothing, she makes a decision to go to Bethlehem, and BINGO she’s in the lineage of Christ.  little decision… BIG OUTCOME!

You see… her small decision to go put her in an incredible position!

Whether BIG or SMALL, it’s a decision that GOD needs to be in the middle of!  God delights in our small decisions.  Ask HIM anything, He’s there, He’s listening.  What’s even better is that HE works it out!  He’ll work out anything… NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for God… TRUST HIM TODAY!

Do you believe this?

I’ve got to share this story that I shared with our class on Sunday.  Brianna, and Braidyn were in the back seat on Saturday talking about houses as we passed by each one.  Brianna started telling Braidyn how HEAVY they were.  “Probably a 100lbs.”, She said.  I was laughing, and just enjoying their conversation!  Brianna asked me, “Daddy, how heavy is that house?”  I laughed and said, “It’s not a question of pounds, but probably tons.”  I couldn’t give her an answer, but God was just saying to me… “Give her a guess”.  I said it was probably 200,000lbs., but every house is different, and I’d have to weigh them to be exact.  Brianna just looked over at Braidyn and said “It’s 200,000lbs.!” – That’s what daddy said.  Braidyn said… “YUP, it’s 200,000lbs.” Their conversation immediately went on to something else.  They didn’t even bother to even talk about it anymore.  Daddy gave them THE answer, and his answer was EVERYTHING to them! I smiled going down that road thinking I was HOT STUFF!  I realized how GOD’S WORD needs to be the same in our life.  HIS WORD needs to be all we hear, and we can TRUST in EVERY BIT OF IT!

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