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Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy

Acts 4:32
And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.

You ever notice that a good team plays well together?  They are joined in unity!  You’re probably laughing because… Well, yes, they probably wouldn’t be a good team if they didn’t play together.  EXACTLY!

Well… How do we get to that level of spiritual intimacy that helps our marriages “WORK TOGETHER”, for “BETTER or For WORSE”.  You know, when a husband and a wife both grow together in their relationship with God, the horizontal relationship with each other becomes POWERFUL! – It moves mountains!

Just the other night we were all watching that movie “Free Willie”.  Our little one turns to ask the question, “Is God in this?”  Well, of course I’m just taken because she had asked the same question when I was reading her the wonderful fairy tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk” as well. – Hence, it became a “teachable moment”. 😉

I woke up this morning thinking more and more about this question, and of course, God is Omnipresent… He is EVERYWHERE!  Even when we turn our backs on Him, He’s there.  Even if we’re not listening… He’s there.  Even if we don’t care… He’s there.  Even if you don’t think He exists…. He’s there :)!    Then I started thinking… Even if we’re in the middle of one of those arguments with our spouse… He’s there! – Well  How do we release the Spiritual Power of God in the midst of this world?  How do we get Spiritual Intimacy into our marriages?  How do we Forgive?  How do we Love?  How do two totally different people bond together in marriage, and make it through?

Ask yourself the following questions.

-Do you maintain a regular personal quiet time and share insights with your mate? -Do you talk about that week’s sermon, and how it affected you? -Do you PRAY together? -Do you do devotions together? -Do you apply biblical principles to your personal life, and marriage? -Do you seek God’s will in your decisions?

You know… It’s hard to start these things above, but I can promise you… If you make them forefront in your life, and marriage, and give it a REAL KICK START.  You’ll see the changes that bring about the blessings of Joy and Peace that transcend ALL Understanding!

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