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Keep Track for Joy

Keep Track for Joy!

Joshua 11:16-23

v16 So Joshua took all these places. He took the hills, the dry country in the south, all Goshen and the little hills in the west. He took the Arabah and the mountains and hills in Israel. v17 These places were between Halak mountain (which was near Seir) and Baal Gad. Baal Gad was in the valley of Lebanon, below Hermon mountain. He took all their kings and killed them all. v18 Joshua was fighting these kings for a long time. v19 No cities made a peace agreement with the Israelites, except for the Hivites from Gibeon. So, Joshua took all the other cities in battle. v20 The Lord himself made the people angry, so that they would fight Israel. This was so that the Lord could kill them all. He did not let them live. He did not show kindness to them. So, the Israelites did those things that the Lord had told Moses to do.
v21 Joshua went at that time to fight the Anakites from the hills. They came from Hebron, Debir and Anab and all the hills in Judah and Israel. Joshua killed them all. And he destroyed all their towns. v22 He killed all the Anakites in Israel, except for a few in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod. v23 So Joshua took the whole country, as the Lord had told Moses to do. The Lord gave the country to Israel to live in. And Joshua gave the land to the tribes of Israel. Each tribe received the land that the Lord had chosen. And the families in each tribe would always continue to own this land.  Then the country was at peace.

Verses 16-23 is an account of all that God had done for Joshua, and all of the Israelites.

Think back on ALL of the trials that God has brought you through.  Take one evening and write down ALL of your answered prayers, this helps us to bring JOY into our lives and keep it there!  We’ll always have a reference to go back to.  It helps you to see where God has answered prayers, and WILL answer prayers as we earnestly pray. It will help us to worship Him. We can thank God for all the good things that He has done for us. We can worship Him because He is so good to us.

Debbie is good at keeping a journal of her day we look back at things and see where God has brought us.  If I’m having a stressful day or worried about something she’ll always remind me… “Hasn’t God brought you out of this before?”.  My wife has the gift of Faith in the size of about 8 Mustard Seeds! Sure enough there isn’t a single time that God hasn’t come through!  I can’t stress this enough… God IS working in your life even now.  Even if you’re not submitting to Him, He’s in control!  There’s NOTHING that can stop Him.  Nothing that can thwart His plan for you!… “Nothing Absolutely Nothing, Nothing is too dificult for Thee!”

Jeremiah 32:17
Ah Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too difficult for You

So… if you haven’t handed your life, everything in it, and all of its problems over to Him… you’re just making it difficult on yourself! HMMMM.

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