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Tansen – Creator of Indian Classical music.

Mian Tansen (1506-1589), known as the creator of Indian classical music. He was one of the jewel of Navaratnas(nine jewels) at the court of the Mughal emperor great Akbar.
Tansen was born in 1506 A.D. at Gwalior,India.his father was a famous poet and musician named Mukund Misra. Tansen’s childhood name was Ramtanu Misra. But he won the name as Tansen for his eminent music. Tan means melody and sen means king. So, Tansen means the king of melody.He borned at the time when Indian classical music was polluted by Persian and central Asian music. Tansen recovered and developed the Indian classical music. Tansen was a student of Swami Haridas. A legendery musician from Brindabhan. Tansen startled his master by his music at his age of ten. After completing his study tansen went to Shiba temple at Bihat and began his musical pursuit.

Tansen joined the Mughal emperor Akbar’s court and became one of the navaratnas(Nine Jewels). Akbar titled him Mian(honoric, learned man). In his first performance at Mughal court, he rewarded one hundred thousand (100,000) gold coins. During his lifetime, Tansen went to Sufi Sheikh Mohammad Ghaus and accepted Islam.

There are many myths about Tansen. People says that he could vibrate stone with his music. People says that Tansen’s music tilted the Shiba temple at Bihat. His music could light up candles. Other legend says that Tansen could take animals attention by his music. There is an interesting story. A wild white elephant was captured but couldn’t be controlled. Tansen calmed the elephant by his song and then emperor Akbor able to ride it.

This legend musician died on 26 April,1586(other versions said 6th may, 1589). He was burried beside his Sufi mentor Sheikh Mohammad Ghaus.

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