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Pan – Hollywood movie (2015)

Pan is an American 3D adventure movie which is based on a story named “Peter Pan” written by J.M. Barrie. The movie had its world premiere in London on 20th Sept, 2015. The movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.


A 12 years kid Peter who left in an orphanage by his mother Mary.then he was cared by mother Barnabs in orphanage. During world war II Peter and other kids of the orphanage sold to a pirate ship which comes from “Neverland”(another world) and then he forced to work in a mining zone which was led by the pirate captain “Blackbeard”. After some time he realized that he can fly and he is the savior and the prince of Neverland. And Blackbeard is trying to kill the fairys for the fairy dusts who are hiding in a secret place.He realized that His mother was a tribal warrior and the queen of neverland who  protected the tribals and fairys against Blackbeard.

This movie is very thrilling. You must enjoy it.

Director: Joe Wright.

Producer: Greg Berlanti, Sara Schechter, Paul Webster.

Story: J.M. Barrie(Peter Pan).

Starring: Hugh Jackman(Black Beard), Rooney Mara(Tiger Lliy), Levi Miller(Peter Pan), Amanda Seyfried( Mary Darling), Garrett Hedlund(Captain Hook), Cara Delevingne(Mermaid), and others.

Release Dates: 20th Sept, 2015.(U.K), 9th Oct, 2015(U.S.A)

Duration: 1 Hour and 51 Minutes.

Language: English.


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