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Mount ISO file or Disk Image with windows powershell

Now, I am going to tell you how to mount Disk Image or ISO file with Windows Powershell

There are many software to mount Disk Images or ISO files like ISO buster, Daemon Tool, Power ISO etc. You can create and mount Disk Image files or ISO files with them. And one thing is that most of this software’s aren’t free. But if you just want to mount any Disk Image or ISO file for use them you don’t need any kind of software’s like those. You can mount and use them easily with an windows built in application called Windows Powershell. So let’s know, how to mount a Disk Image or ISO files with Windows Powershell.

First Step: Press start menu button and write powershell in the search bar and run it.


search_powershell_2plus7Second step: Now use the command bellow to mount your desired ISO file:


replace your file location with file path. You can under stand the whole thing after seeing the images below:

powershell_command_2plus7after writing file path press ENTER button.


This command created a virtual DVD Drive mounted with your specified ISO file.

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